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An Original Concept
with a
Fresh Approach to the Real Estate Marketplace

BY OWNER meets the needs of today's sellers, buyers and real estate professionals!  Now there's an even better way to sell real estate.  Why not maximize your profits in every market?  Explore a BY OWNER franchise opportunity.  It can be the key to your success in the real estate industry.

How is BY OWNER different from other real estate firms?

Perhaps most significant, our federally trademarked BY OWNER logos naturally attract both sellers and buyers.

Why spend all your advertising dollars creating traffic when our logo will do the work for you!

What does a franchise include?

We have two types of franchise opportunities:  The Unit Franchise and a Subfranchise

The Unit Franchise includes:

  • Use of our Federal Trademarks
  • Use of our copyrighted forms and materials
  • An exclusive territory
  • Site selection assistance
  • Initial supply and equipment package
  • Initial training
  • Grand Opening attended by franchise representative
  • On-going communication & support

The Subfranchise comes with a Unit Franchise and includes the license rights to develop a larger defined area (state, large metropolitan area, province, etc).  The Subfranchisor retains a portion of all net franchise sales fees and royalties generated within his or her Subfranchise area.


We will be happy to send you more information if you will let us know your specific interests.

Take a moment to visit our website at, send us an email or give us a call.

BY OWNER Reality Network® is a division of Prime Realty Options, LLC.

410 A North 1st St.  •  Hamilton, MT 59840  •  (406)363-1606